Advantages of a Managed Print Service

Copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines should support your organization’s goals—but as an equipment fleet becomes larger, maintaining it takes more of your time and resources. More equipment also means more potential for inefficiencies that hurt your bottom line.

A managed print service (MPS) program can solve these problems. An MPS program that’s tailored to your organization’s specific needs can improve productivity, reduce expenses, and minimize equipment downtime—supporting you and your staff with these critical benefits:


Needs Assessment

An MPS provider can give you an expert opinion on your organization’s current equipment fleet, making recommendations on which machines you need—and which ones you don’t. This assessment should include an analysis of:

• Local printers – They serve only one user and often need unique cartridges that add expense and inventory challenges. An MPS professional can help you decide if any local printers can be eliminated.

• Device performance – MPS providers can determine if any of your machines are underperforming and recommend more efficient choices.

• Equipment placement – Non-optimal placement of office equipment increases the time people spend walking to and from them. An MPS specialist can recommend ideal machine locations to improve productivity.


Automated Supply Delivery

An MPS program can monitor your devices and automate shipment of supplies to ensure you have just what you need, just when you need it. That means no more running out of supplies or unnecessary expenses due to over-ordering.

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Predictable Expenses

Surprise maintenance costs and unpredictable printing expenses make it harder for your organization to plan its budget. An MPS program lets you consolidate costs into one consistent monthly investment.


Staff Training & Support

An MPS program can support your staff by providing expert training on equipment use and assistance in troubleshooting problems. If your IT staff currently provides these services, an MPS program frees them to do more critical work.


Mobile Printing Setup/Support

Mobile printing lets your staff produce documents from offsite locations, improving their efficiency. An MPS provider can set up mobile printing at your operation—or help improve, maintain, and support your existing mobile printing system.

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